Top Games in NBA History

This article will be incomplete if it does not mention some of the greatest players in NBA history. Kareem Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan feature. The icons in respective teams always ensured that the team went home with a title and their fans jazzed.

Game 6. Magic goes from rookie to champion

This was one of the most electrifying finals in the year 1980. The game entered the list of the most significant games in the history because of the following reasons;

• The phenomenon Magic Johnson was playing the center position because the mighty Abdul Kareem Jabbar had an ankle injury.

• Johnson showed his charms in that final by scoring 42 points and 15 rebounds within minutes. Moreover, he gave seven assists to his colleagues which guaranteed Lakers a title in game 6.

• The Lakers recorded a win with unexpected 123-107 against their opponents.

Game 1, 1992 Finals: The shrug featuring Michael Jordan

In the 1992 finals, it was time for the legend Michael Jordan to live up to this title. I reckon that this game got in the NBA history books because of some of the unique skills that portrayed in the pitch by Jordan. People recall the finals because:

• Michael Jordan catapulted his team to stardom by scoring six three-pointers as well as 35points before the first break.

• He also managed to put in 57-23 within the second quarter forcing everyone to give the best reaction ever (the shrug) in the NBA history.

• Chicago Bulls hammered their opponents mercilessly.

Game 6, 2013 Finals: 2013 finals Lebron’s legacy

In the game six finals of 2013, all the LeBron’s fans were full of expectations that he will give them a reason to jump and celebrate in joy after he shows his prowess in the basketball pitch. Fortunately, his followers had the last laugh when he led his team to lift the title despite the odds. The game found its way to the NBA top games ever played because:

• Lebron led his team to win the title two minutes before the game was over after managing to score points that completely changed the fate for their opponents.

• It was apparent that San Antonio Spurs was winning since they had been leading all through the game before the Heat earned three points that boosted them to the top.

• The league officials had already concluded that San Antonio carried the title.

• Lebron bagged his second title.

Game 4 of the 2000 Finals was a Kobe vs. and Reggie duel

In game 4 of the year 2000, the fans of both the Lakers and Pacers were high on emotions and expectations that their team will carry the day to give them a reason toss the Champaign. This night remains in the NBA memories courtesy of the following reasons:

• The losers of the evening had taken a clear lead making their fans start celebrating early.

• Kobe Bryant, an excellent player for the Pacers, suffered an ankle injury and failed to score at least six points by halftime.

• In addition, the opponents were so strong for him to stay in front to defend and his teammate Shaquille was also in trouble and could not continue with the game.

• Miller managed to score 13 points forcing the game to go into overtime, and he continued to score further. However, Bryant proved that he deserved the glory when he hammered Lakers three clutch shots sending them home with a win the series.

Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, Reed’s endurance pushed Knicks over Chamberlain.

Game 7 of 1970, Reeds showed his enormous skills in the match that ensured this final would remain in the memories of the basketball lovers. The game was great because:

• Reed managed to get a score despite having an injury. The score left his fans celebrating in surprise wondering how he pulled it.

• Wilt Chamberlain was receiving all the glory with his scores before Reeds came from the locker to shatter his dreams of winning.

• Reeds made his team be in the second position despite having an injury.
These games give you a reason as to why you should be a basketball fun.