Moving through basketball’s past; it is easy to see from hindsight; the worst trades in NBA history. A few of the greatest players ever playing the game were traded for various reasons. Sometimes one player was exchanged for several players. Only for the teams to realize later, the one; was worth the many.

1.Ranking as one of the worst trades of all times is the transaction between the Hawks and the Boston Celtics in the 1968 trading of Bill Russell. This was an unexpected miscalculation on the part of the Hawks that carried unforeseen consequences. They gained as tribute Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan; they were way underpaid.

Who knew; the transfer of this basketball giant from the St. Louis Hawks would bring such rewards. Red Auerbach made the trade for Bill Russell, and that act would be the beginning of a basketball dynasty. Bill Russell won five MVP awards and led his team to 11 NBA championships.

2.The trading of Charles Barkley must have caused a few sleepless nights after he emerged as a basketball powerhouse, his style, although, controversial off the court made him a player in demand. The Philadelphia 76ers sold Charles Barkley for a price far beneath his worth to the Phoenix Suns in 1992. Big mistake. Charles Barkley went on to become MVP for “92-93” and an overall career 5.1 assists per game. The Suns played in the championship twice in team history with Charles Barkley slamming points in the game.

3.Julius Erving, better known to the world as “Dr. J.” was sold to the Philadelphia 76ers by the Nets in 1976, this event created quite a stir listing as one of the worst trades in NBA history. Brought on by high-powered negotiating; one of the best players in the NBA was moved in a great chess game assisted by money and promises to the Philadelphia 76ers.

4.In 1975 Kareem Abdul Jabbar, another basketball legend was traded by the Milwaukee Bucks to the Los Angeles Lakers unfortunately, this was a big mistake for the Buck. Nevertheless, a great move for Jabbar who was more than ready to leave his old team. The exchange netted the Bucks Brian Winters, Junior Bridgeman, Elmore Smith and Dave Meyers. However, the price paid was not enough, possibly costing the Bucks five championships earned with Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the court for the Lakers.

5.No one can predict the development of a player. This is clear in the aftermath of the Hornets pre-draft trade of a rare talent, Kobe Bryant to the Lakers. The Hornets gave away a player that would go down in history. Over the years, Kobe Bryant blossomed into a superstar landing 5 NBA titles and 18 turns as an All-Star.

6.When the Philadelphia 76ers traded the commanding Wilt Chamberlain to the Los Angeles Lakers, it made the list of the worst trades in NBA history in the worst way. The 76ers not only gave up a player that averaged 21.5 points a game making 58.3% of his shots. The road was paved for one of the greatest players of all time to leave their team. Reportedly, Wilt Chamberlain, unhappy with the 76ers, was traded for three other players in trade. It would seem; his mood improved with the trade.

7.Earvin (Magic) Johnson became one of the greats of the game. Nevertheless, his trade was one of the biggest blunders in history. Traded by the Jazz in 1979 to the Los Angeles Lakers, Magic Johnson became magical for his new team. Magic Johnson loved the game and played with zest. When basketball was filled with exceptional players, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird and Julius Erving (Dr. J.), “Magic” still stood tall.

There are some really impressive basketball scoring records out there. Wilt Chamberlain and his 100-point game, for example. Big Wilt also averaged a mind-boggling 50 points a game during the 1961 season. If someone did that today, Twitter would melt down. We’re not going to even touch his extracurricular activities in the bedroom off the court – though that would also be social media fodder these days. Then there are the stats that show off the well-rounded player. A player who reaches double-digits in three scoring categories has a “triple-double.” That’s hard enough, but getting double-digits in four categories? That’s nearly impossible. How difficult? This feat has only been achieved five times and none of the players who did it was Chamberlain.


It’s been a long time since it happened. How long? Let’s put it this way: Babies who were born the last time it occurred have just barely reached legal drinking age in the U.S. It will happen again, of course. Players have come tantalizingly close before. Of this current crop of players, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans might be a good one to bet on. He’s a scorer and a shot blocker. Joel Embiid could be another to watch. Yes, another player could suddenly catch lightning in a bottle and have an insane game. While we all wait for that to happen, enjoy what these players were able to accomplish.


Nate Thurmond, Chicago Bulls, 10/18/74 — Thurmond, who recently passed away on July 16, 2016, had the first quadruple-double in history, scoring 22 points, pulling down 14 rebounds, dishing out 13 assists, and blocking 12 shots. Talk about a one-man act to completely demoralize the Bulls’ opponent, the Atlanta Hawks. He certainly earned his nickname, “Nate the Great” that game.


Alvin Robertson, San Antonio Spurs, 2/18/86 — This is the second consecutive time a quadruple-double was recorded on the 18th day of the month. Robertson, who was a four-time All-Star, did his damage against the Phoenix Suns. He scored 20 points, collected 11 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 steals.


Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets, 3/3/90 — Olajuwon broke the streak of having this feat performed on the 18th day of the month. On a night that the Rockets dismantled the Golden State Warriors (Stephen Curry was mere days away from turning two years old), he scored 29 points, had 18 rebounds, 10 assists, and 11 blocks.


Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston Rockets, 3/29/90 — No, this wasn’t a glitch in the Matrix. The Dream did indeed pull off this feat for the second time in the same year. What a time to be a Rockets fan (aside from those two titles later in the decade). Olajuwon Dream Shook his way to a stat line of 18 points, 16 rebounds, 10 assists and 11 blocks. Ironically, Robertson was on the Milwaukee Bucks, the Rockets’ opponent, that night.


David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs, 2/17/94 — It’s appropriate that Robinson scored the most among all the quadruple doubles… since the man had muscles where most players don’t. He nearly singlehandedly destroyed the Detroit Pistons that game, scoring 34 points and then gathering a neat line of 10 rebounds, 10 assists, and 10 blocks. Now we wait to see who gets promoted past “The Admiral” on this list.


There are some amazing players who have never hoisted an NBA championship trophy. If a team was compiled of these incredible talents it would be one of the greatest teams ever. This only proves how tough it can be to accomplish the task that every time hopes to finish when the year begins, but only one team can be standing in the end. Unfortunately the guys on the best to have never won a championship list will never know how it feels to be a part of the last team standing.

Karl Malone – It is hard to imagine how this never happened. This is in part because another guy on this list was his teammate, and partly because they were unstoppable together. Karl Malone was a powerful player with a soft touch around the rim. He was a rebounding machine and was one half of that pick and roll tandem of that aforementioned teammate. It seemed every year and in every game that the other teams knew what was coming – they just couldn’t do anything about it. Although Malone and his Utah Jazz put together some impressive runs and were contenders for years, the NBA championship was just never in the cards.

John Stockton – Considered by many as the best pure point guard to ever play and the NBA career leader in assists, Stockton joins his partner and recipient of the majority of those assists Karl Malone, one this list. Along with his ridiculous 15,000 plus assists, Stockton was also a tenacious defender. His hard-nosed style of play and court savvy made Stockton one of the historical greats. Combining this with the big man Malone protecting the rim it really is hard to imagine that this tandem never finished the deal. For both Stockton and Malone, their greatness was never questioned. The only thing these two perennial All Stars never accomplished was getting their fingers sized for that elusive ring that signifies champion.

Allen Iverson – A prolific scorer and fearless player at six feet and a bit more than 160 pounds, Iverson accomplished some incredible things on the court bar one, and NBA championship. It wasn’t for lack of effort though, and if ever a player single handedly took his team to a Finals it was AI. With a noted supporting cast short in talent and experience it was a feat getting that far, and all Iverson did in that championship series was average 36 points a game. He led the league multiple time in scoring capturing four scoring titles, and yet finds himself still on the list of greatest to have never won a NBA championship.

Charles Barkley – Known in his prime as one of the best players on the court, and nicknamed the Round Mound of Rebound, Barkley was an offensive force and a defensive wonder. Undersized and honestly always carrying a too few extra pounds never slowed Barkley who garnered MVP honors the year he averaged 26 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists per game. He actually improved on those averages the year he led the Phoenix Suns to the Finals. Had it not been for some guy named Jordan, Sir Charles may have avoided the misfortune of finding himself on this list. A big man with a knack for scoring and an understanding of the game, Barkley will be forever known as one of the best. The asterisk, however, will say that his career failed to include that championship ring.

Patrick Ewing – A prototypical center exuding size, power and rebounding among other attributes Ewing was the face of the franchise in a long and successful career. A scoring threat and a defense monster who was the definition of rim protector Ewing wasn’t unfamiliar with the playoffs, it was getting past the Boston Celtics for the most part that proved to be too much. This could be a case of a great player who happened to play at the wrong time, namely an era of the Celtics – Lakers rivalry. It could be argued that he just didn’t have a strong enough supporting cast. What can’t be argued is just how undeniably great Ewing was on the court and what he meant to the New York Knicks organization. Ewing brought a winning attitude, a bunch of wins and everything except a title to New York.

This article will be incomplete if it does not mention some of the greatest players in NBA history. Kareem Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan feature. The icons in respective teams always ensured that the team went home with a title and their fans jazzed.

Game 6. Magic goes from rookie to champion

This was one of the most electrifying finals in the year 1980. The game entered the list of the most significant games in the history because of the following reasons;

• The phenomenon Magic Johnson was playing the center position because the mighty Abdul Kareem Jabbar had an ankle injury.

• Johnson showed his charms in that final by scoring 42 points and 15 rebounds within minutes. Moreover, he gave seven assists to his colleagues which guaranteed Lakers a title in game 6.

• The Lakers recorded a win with unexpected 123-107 against their opponents.

Game 1, 1992 Finals: The shrug featuring Michael Jordan

In the 1992 finals, it was time for the legend Michael Jordan to live up to this title. I reckon that this game got in the NBA history books because of some of the unique skills that portrayed in the pitch by Jordan. People recall the finals because:

• Michael Jordan catapulted his team to stardom by scoring six three-pointers as well as 35points before the first break.

• He also managed to put in 57-23 within the second quarter forcing everyone to give the best reaction ever (the shrug) in the NBA history.

• Chicago Bulls hammered their opponents mercilessly.

Game 6, 2013 Finals: 2013 finals Lebron’s legacy

In the game six finals of 2013, all the LeBron’s fans were full of expectations that he will give them a reason to jump and celebrate in joy after he shows his prowess in the basketball pitch. Fortunately, his followers had the last laugh when he led his team to lift the title despite the odds. The game found its way to the NBA top games ever played because:

• Lebron led his team to win the title two minutes before the game was over after managing to score points that completely changed the fate for their opponents.

• It was apparent that San Antonio Spurs was winning since they had been leading all through the game before the Heat earned three points that boosted them to the top.

• The league officials had already concluded that San Antonio carried the title.

• Lebron bagged his second title.

Game 4 of the 2000 Finals was a Kobe vs. and Reggie duel

In game 4 of the year 2000, the fans of both the Lakers and Pacers were high on emotions and expectations that their team will carry the day to give them a reason toss the Champaign. This night remains in the NBA memories courtesy of the following reasons:

• The losers of the evening had taken a clear lead making their fans start celebrating early.

• Kobe Bryant, an excellent player for the Pacers, suffered an ankle injury and failed to score at least six points by halftime.

• In addition, the opponents were so strong for him to stay in front to defend and his teammate Shaquille was also in trouble and could not continue with the game.

• Miller managed to score 13 points forcing the game to go into overtime, and he continued to score further. However, Bryant proved that he deserved the glory when he hammered Lakers three clutch shots sending them home with a win the series.

Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, Reed’s endurance pushed Knicks over Chamberlain.

Game 7 of 1970, Reeds showed his enormous skills in the match that ensured this final would remain in the memories of the basketball lovers. The game was great because:

• Reed managed to get a score despite having an injury. The score left his fans celebrating in surprise wondering how he pulled it.

• Wilt Chamberlain was receiving all the glory with his scores before Reeds came from the locker to shatter his dreams of winning.

• Reeds made his team be in the second position despite having an injury.
These games give you a reason as to why you should be a basketball fun.